All Stars Montessori would like to introduce … Ms. Nallely

Ms. Nallely is one of the assistants in the Infant program and she has been with All Stars Montessori since 2015. If you are an All Stars Montessori parent, you’ve probably been greeted by her smile as you passed by the baby room.

Ms. Nallely lives with her mom and her older sister in the home they once shared with her dad and her baby sister before they passed away. During her free time, Nallely likes to shop when she can – but you will also find her attending local benefits to support people that are struggling with illnesses such as cancer, heart implants, etc.

Ms. Nalley’s favorite vacation spot is Mexico where she can visit family – but her dream vacation spot would be Bora Bora!

The person that Ms. Nallely most admires is her late father. She was always “daddy’s little girl” and when he was battling cancer, she was amazed at how he would undergo chemotherapy one day and then be back at work the next. Nallely says that her dad was strong, caring, loving and funny – qualities that we can all admire.

One thing you might not know about Ms. Nallely is that she loves to dance, especially Hispanic dances. She has even choreographed dances for her quince and other family parties. She also loves to do hair and make-up and is fluent in English and Spanish!

Ms. Nallely is loving, shy and creative. She is very neat and organized and she loves to clean. (An important skill in an Infant classroom!) She also loves introducing the babies to Spanish by teaching them colors and numbers.

Ms. Nallely loves being with the babies. She had a sister that passed away at one years old and being able to love on all these babies reminds her of the precious time she got to spend with her own baby sister. And of course, she loves all the snuggles she gets from them, too!

If your child attends All Stars Montessori and you have not yet met Ms. Nallely, be sure to poke your head into the baby room when you’re walking by and say “hello”.

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