All Stars Montessori would like to introduce … Ms. Kate!

Ms. Kate joined All Stars Montessori in 2015 and has had the pleasure of teaching in each of the age groups at one time or another. When she was younger and just starting out in Montessori, she worked with Ms. Tracy and Ms. Denise (All Stars’ owners) at another Montessori school. Ms. Kate is currently a preschool teacher in the Nature Room and she also helps out in the office a few days a month. If you are an All Stars Montessori parent, there’s a pretty good chance you’ve had the chance to meet Ms. Kate or at least to speak to her on the phone.

Ms. Kate lives with her husband, their three daughters and their two dogs. They enjoy spending time together on the weekends watching movies and going to the dog park. Ms. Kate also keeps busy at home helping her husband run their flooring business.

Ms. Kate’s favorite place to visit is Mexico and she has had the opportunity to spend a lot of time there getting to know the history and the culture. She also loves being close to the ocean because it is so peaceful!

Ms. Kate’s multi-faceted talents in both teaching and administration help her stay on her toes in both of her roles at All Stars. She is a great problem solver and can think on her feet, which comes in handy in the classroom and in the office. She is organized, thoughtful, kind and caring which makes her great with the children and with their moms and dads. She is also open to new ideas and has a lot of patience. Ms. Kate is very passionate about working with children, especially being able to guide them in Montessori.

Ms. Kate loves seeing the smiles on the children’s faces. She gets such a kick out of hearing their conversations with one another every day. There is never a dull moment!  Seeing the children grow and accomplish something new each day reminds her of why she does what she does.

If you have a child at All Stars Montessori, be sure you stop by and say “hi” to Ms. Kate in the Nature room.  (You might also be able to catch her in the office once in a while.)

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