Welcome to our blog! We’re so excited to share fun and useful information with the families at All Stars Montessori as well as with families throughout the community we call home and beyond!

All Stars Montessori is a privately-owned Montessori child care center in Apple Valley, Minnesota. From the moment we opened our doors in August of 2007, we have provided a warm, home-like atmosphere that children can thrive in as they explore the Montessori environment from infant through pre-K. We are so grateful for the wonderful relationships we have developed with children, parents, teachers and the whole community.

Our story began in 2000 when the owners, Tracy Magnuson and Denise Muir, met while working together at a Montessori school.  Their shared passion for children and for Montessori led them to open an in-home daycare that incorporated the Montessori philosophy.  All Stars Childcare opened in 2004 and quickly grew. Soon Tracy and Denise began to envision providing the same loving care and Montessori education to more families in Rosemount, Apple Valley, and the surrounding communities. Friends and family encouraged them, knowing that their passion would help them to be successful.  But even more importantly, the families that were already part of the All Stars Childcare family also believed in their vision and supported their decision to transition to a school building.

 “We loved what we were doing at the home. We loved the children and the families, and we loved teaching with the Montessori philosophy.” – Tracy Magnuson

In 2007, with a strong support system behind them, Tracy and Denise began their new adventure.  All Stars Montessori opened the doors of its Apple Valley location in August 2007.  Each of the families that had been part of All Stars Childcare in the homemade the move with them.  This is something that has always meant the world to Tracy and Denise. Joined by a small team of teachers & support staff and a handful of children, the adventure began.  Together they devoted themselves to creating a “center” that offered a warm, home-like environment along with a strong foundation in Montessori education.  And even though they believed wholeheartedly in their vision, they could not have imagined how quickly All Stars Montessori would grow.  Within the first five years, the school grew from four classrooms and 20 children to seven classrooms and 125 children. They continue to begin each school year with full enrollment and a waiting list.

From the very beginning, Tracy and Denise have insisted on remaining involved in the heart of the school.  As teachers in classrooms, they are able to develop personal relationships with the children and families that call All Stars Montessori home.  Remaining involved in the day-to-day operations gives them the opportunity to stay in touch with the pulse of the school.  The fact that the owners of the school are also teachers in classrooms is one of the things that sets All Stars Montessori apart.

“It is really important to both of us to be in classrooms. We started this adventure because we loved teaching and that hasn’t changed.” – Denise Muir

To this day they are surrounded by a top-notch staff of loving, energetic and devoted teachers and support staff.  When someone joins the team, they quickly discover that All Stars Montessori is different. They can see that their love for children will really make a difference and that the time and effort they invest will pay off.  They can see that they will develop relationships with children and parents that will go beyond the walls of the school.  It is this sense of pride in their school that makes staff turnover rare at All Stars. Each one of them values early childhood education and believes in the All Stars Montessori mission.

Even as the school has grown, Tracy and Denise have never lost sight of the importance of fostering relationships. Annual family events offer parents, teachers, and children the chance to have fun and get to know each other. Over the years these events have grown from BBQs hosted at the school with a Weber grill to renting out the Apple Valley Aquatic center to bid farewell to summer and kick-off the next school year.

As each year passes, Tracy and Denise reflect with appreciation on the journey.  Everything that mattered to them in the beginning still matters today.  Providing safety, security, and love to children that parents can depend on.  Imparting Montessori education and social experiences that lay a foundation for children to prepare them for Kindergarten and beyond.  And developing strong relationships that are forged within the walls of the school and extended far beyond.

If you are looking for an experience like this for your infant, toddler or preschooler please give us a call.  We would love to tell you more about our school and to set up a time for you to come and visit.  (952-432-2422)

You can also visit our website at www.allstarsmontessori.com for more information.